IVF Centre in Delhi : 15 Things I Wish I Knew Earlier

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2 min readMay 5, 2021


· The IVF Centre in Delhi should be run by a Professional Team, rather than an individual. Individually run centres promote One man show, which discourages standardized systems & transparency.

· The IVF Centre should show you the IVF Lab & OT before starting the process. Decision should not be taken without personally seeing all facilities.

· There should be a in-house IVF Doctor & Embryologist rather than a visiting ones.

· IVF Cycles should be carried out individually, rather than in batches, for better success rates.

· There should be an in house pathology so that the accuracy of test results can be ensured.

· The Doctor in centre of IVF should be specifically qualified & experienced to handle Infertility & IVF. So don’t shy away from asking your doctor’s qualification & degrees.

· In IVF centre, should be patient orientation programmes like yoga, meditation & weight loss, because lifestyle changes can enhance the success rates of treatment.

· Focus should be on treating Infertility, not on doing IVF only, because every infertile couple does not need an IVF.

· The IVF process should be Advanced yet Affordable so that a large number of patients can be benefitted, without compromising with the quality of treatment, that should be world-class.

· Customised services should be provided to each couple with warmth & compassion, because infertile couples are already under a lot of stress.

· In IVF centre should not be package deals because we are dealing with medical treatment, not holiday packages. Moreover, we should strive to achieve success within the 1st cycle.

· The outcome of each stage of the process should be shared with transparency with the patient, rather than just telling them about the success or failure of the cycle at the end.

· A detailed counseling should be given to each patient, with a lot of patience , because it is important to clear all doubts & make each patient understand the process properly.

· In case of failure, the patient should be explained about the reasons & the future medical course of action.

· The IVF centre in Delhi should be equipped to provide egg donor & surrogacy database & services in-house.



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